Our Barkee Beloveds

Our Barkee Beloveds

Tinker aka Crusty aka Crusty Bust-a-Move, April 2019

Tinker, aka Crusty, aka Crusty bust-a-move was a crusty, gross dude when we rescued him. Living a sad life before being abandoned in the shelter, Tinker was covered in sores and scabs and very little hair. He is also blind. We are a perfect location for vision impaired dogs; they find their way quickly and regain their independence. Tinker must have 2 different applications of eye medicine twice a day, special food, allergy medicine daily and injection monthly.

Teddy, aka Teddy Bear, aka Mommy’s Bear, May 2021

Rescued from the Coachella Valley Animal Campus, this dude was a mess. Cushings disease, kidney, bladder and urethra stones, collapsing trachea and severe dental. He had surgery immediately to relieve his inability to urinate, which is life threatening. In spite of his medical challenges, he is a most darling dog, lots to see and many kisses to give. He is on a special diet and takes medication daily. The very best Bear!

Buddy, November 2021

Rescued with an extreme rectal mass and a 6 out of 6 heart murmur he was a hospice from the beginning. We were told that he could be a sudden death dog. But, we went ahead with his massive mass surgery and a dental and with the skill of our incredible vet (Dr. Greenhouse), he has been able to live an extremely good life. We hold our breath when he races around the yard, but Run our Best Buddy Run. His one fault, he likes to eat poop. It’s a good thing he is not a kisser.

Squeaky aka Spider, June, 2023

This old, very skinny dude looked like death walking. He was so fragile, we were afraid when we picked him up. But a min-pin has an attitude and it has stood him well. He is definitely hospice. We thought we had lost him in the very beginning when he had diarrhea but an overnight stay at the vet and IV medicine has helped along. He is an intrepid traveler and walks the Barkee back yard. He loves to snuggle and we will provide love and care for him until he decides it’s time to go.

Lucy, Peewee, and Blanco aka the Gangsters, May 2023

We have a soft spot in our heart for bondeds. We have rescued quite a few and this is our second triplet. Blanco, chi, is 17, Peewee, silky terrier, is 16 and Lucy, chi, is over 12. Blanco is a decrepit darling. He has issues facing most super seniors – arthritis, dehydration, weakness. Mostly blind, toothless, he is very sweet, (until he is not) and loves gentle kisses. Peewee is a beast, grumpy as can be. He has had a dental, teeth being one of the worst we have seen. He struggles with paraphimosis and arthritis. But he also loves snuggles and kisses on his terms. Lucy, sweetest girl, started out with terrible digestive issues. At first she would not eat. Then once we found something she would enjoy, we struggled with IBS/Colitis. She has been hospitalized with IV medicine and fluids and after much trial and error, we have found a balance on a permanent course of prednisone.

Julio, May 2023

This is a crazy story. In 2019, a senior cocker spaniel became available for rescue. (We have a soft spot for cockers as most of my foster mamas know.) Another rescue got him. We tried to rescue him from the rescue, but they said no. Recently, this old fellow popped up to be rehomed. The rehoming person had found him when they moved in and also 2 chihuahuas, now in heaven. Despite attempts to rehome Julio, no one was interested. They kept him and tried again sometime later. One of the most amazing networkers sent me the link. And like magic, Julio is with us forever. He is blind and mostly deaf. But he is in good shape for his age with a heart murmur. When it’s meant to be!! Happy forever home, Julio. Me and Julio down by the schoolyard…

Fang aka Bolt, June 2023

Rescued from Baldwin Park, this sweet precious darling is 16 years old and is blind and deaf. He has been in the shelter 2 times after his original dump. He has a splenic tumor and decreased blood count. He had to have emergency dental surgery to remove remaining teeth, like his fangs in the front and to fix two VERY LARGE oronasal fistulas. These occur with dental disease and create a hole above the teeth into the sinus. When he came here, he was unable to eat; everything that went in, he sneezed right out as it immediately went from mouth into his nose. Our vet said one of the fistulas was one of the worse she had ever seen. We consider him hospice. He is weak but getting the utmost TLC.

Poodella, aka Lily, Kiki, January 2023

Rescued from Downey Shelter. She had a massive mammary tumor and 3 other smaller ones. Her coat was disgusting and she looked like she had licked herself constantly and sat in urine for some time before she came to us. Unfortunately, when we ran her blood work her liver values were off the chart.  For three days,  she was curled up in her Xpen,  not interested in eating, interacting with human or fur people at all. She did take food by hand. On the 3rd morning, she had a seizure, and off we went to the vet again. They observed her all day and no additional seizures. She did have a repeat of her liver values test and both values had come down somewhat, but nothing anywhere near to normal. We brought her home and that night she wanted to engage with all of us. There is always one poodle to rule them all.  She has had her dental and the rest of the mammary tumors removal.

Ramona aka Ramonster, May 2023

Rescued from Long Beach shelter. This 15 year-old beauty, was so traumatized and anxious at the shelter, they had to give her trazadone. Those eyes looked right into our soul and we took a 6 hour rescue roadtrip. She is a sweet darling but so skittish. Patience, patience, patience.  She has had a dental, (another death mouth) and has no teeth.