When Barkee was first created, we dreamed about being able to do what we are doing today. Providing care and end of life options for abandoned seniors and, in some cases, very injured seniors has always been our goal. When we started, we worked to find a physical location to provide a home environment, minus cages, with enough space to wander outside protected from predators. For three and a half years, we searched for the right property with the right zoning. 

Almost 4 years ago, we stumbled across the Barkee property. Five acres, mostly unusable because of rocks and washes but with a perfect house for a sanctuary. There were only a couple of small steps throughout the house. It would be easily navigated by blind dogs or dogs with other physical limitations. We built a fence in the backyard and installed rattlesnake fencing as a deterrent. The best part of the house was an outside screened dirt patio, entered from the second bedroom.  Called the Zen Room, it is where bathroom breaks in the summer take place and at night all year round. We have partially covered it to protect against rain and added misters to reduce the heat in the worst part of the summer. The dogs are never alone outside.

Barkee Laroux’s House of Love Animal Sanctuary is a small 501c3 senior sanctuary and hospice located adjacent to Palm Springs. Barkee has provided end of life love and care for over 110 animals. We are celebrating 3.5 years in our physical in-home sanctuary providing 24/7 care. Many of the animals that Barkee rescues are at the end of their lives and have been abandoned in the worst conditions in the shelter. We provide warmth, safety and a soft bed to rest their heads for however long they have left. When it is time, we give them the ultimate form of love, and their freedom from pain and worry. 

We have an excellent reputation for caring for our Barkee Beloveds. Other rescues work with us to help us network and raise funds. We operate on a very tight budget and our founder underwrites a portion of the expenses. Everything we raise goes to the care of the Barkee Beloveds.