Blind Dog Dumped At Shelter Can’t Stop Kissing The Woman Who Saved Her Life
“She leaned into my chest and kept herself there no matter which position I was in. She needed love, and to hear and feel a heartbeat of someone holding her.”


Barkee Laroux’s House of Love Domestic Animal Sanctuary has been in the planning stages for nearly two years, and is about to become a reality. We are committed to being a leader in animal sanctuaries that focuses exclusively on establishing a safe and comforting home for pets who need help the most, whether they be sick, elderly, abandoned, orphaned, and/or abused. The Sanctuary is a year-round inside-living facility that features 24/7 care.

Our goal is to provide these pets with the highest possible quality of life in a safe and secure forever home filled with love and kindness. Other services we offer will include providing loving perpetual care for those pets who have been left alone by owner loss and providing a safe and loving space for unadoptable shelter animals that have been left behind due to behavioral or other issues, such as age or medical issues.

The Barkee Laroux Board of Directors and trained volunteers are all lifelong animal lovers and bring an incredible wealth of experience to running every aspect of our sanctuary.

We offer emotional support to the community through educational programs on responsible cat and dog parenting, and will provide terminal illness and grief counseling to pet owners in need. Our goal is to help every family realize the amazing gift of love each animal member brings.

We have created partnerships with Well in the Desert and other organizations to enable us to provide mobile veterinary examinations and care to our homeless populations’ pet needs.


mini2We Commit To

Placing the needs of our animals first. Always.

Providing tender, loving care and secure, safe, non-threatening environments for our residents. Always.

Adhering to a strict do no-harm operating policy that always places the animal’s quality of life first. Always.

Being there 24-hours every day. Our residents will never be left unattended. Ever.

Never adopting out the animals who come to us. Ever.

Respecting the laws and regulations of our community and never placing the sanctuary at risk. Ever.